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Greg Viner
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Use the Group Monkey Portal To Save Your Settings
Save all your settings to make adding members to your group really quick. By default we'll use the settings you saved for that group, but you can change them anytime and even change them as you add new members to your group. 

Group Monkey saves you a massive amount of time managing and monetizing your group. 

Easily collect all the answers to your grour questions.
With Group Monkey you can easily automate collecting all the answers to your group questions and get your new group members into your CRM and email list. We'll even validate their email addresses first to make sure they are valid and deliverable. You can send the data to your CRM or Email software easily. You can also send to a google sheet or download as CSV, or do all at the same time. 

Group Monkey makes it easy to grow your email list with your group members.

Make Sure Your Members Find Value in Your Group
With Group Monkey you can easily automate welcome posts to tag all your new members in welcome posts to welcome them into the group. You can also create automations to tag them in a series of onboaing and value posts so they know what to do and quickly get value from your group. 

Create welcome posts and onboarding posts with Group Monkey.

Data is secured inside the Group Monkey Protal. 
All your data is safely secured inside the Group Monkey portal for quick and easy access. You can also see all the specific data about any of your individual group members by going to their page. 

Quick Access To All Your Darta

Sell more with Group Monkey Automated Messages
With Group Monkey you can easily automate messages. You can send messages when you accept people into your group, you can send a message if a user answered yes to a specific group question, you can message people who are rejected the reason they were rejected, and you can even set up follow up messenger automations.

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Ready To Dominate Your Facebook Groups?
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